Thursday, September 18, 2014

Family dinner & Birthday celebration for my lil girl Sophy!!!

She turns 3 this year!!didi the 'comot' lilac buttercream frosting cake to match the 'Sophy the First'cake topper and cooked few dishes and dessert!!!Alhamdulillah !!all went well that nite!!!

Frozen theme for Zara Amanda's 2nd birthday!

Frozen theme for Qistina's party pack!!

Thanks Juanna Hilda!!my return customer!!!

Sailor & Nautical Theme for Azim Zuhri's 1st birthday!!!

Surah Yaasin for Baby Sufi!!

Thanks Kak Murni!

Baby Booties bunga telur for Baby Izz Aqil!!!

Thanks Iqa and Yusliza!!

Favours for baby Musa Mustaqim!!!

Ordered by Elly Nur Dato' Seri Sufri!!!my return customer!!thanks dear!

Doa Harian for Ameer & Fahmida

Thanks Aini Syareena!!my return customer!!!

Birthday Party Favors

Ordered by Zati Tan Sri Abd Halim!!

Hen Party Favors!!

Ordered by Zati Tan Sri Abdul Halim!!!Thanks dear!!

Doa Harian for Baby Nur Husniyah

Thanks Farhana!

Baby Booties bunga telur

Thanks Irwa!!!