Sunday, July 1, 2012

Check It Out!!!

Dear valued customer,we're very sorry for the lost of some of our pictures in blog..I accidently deleted all my published photo in my blog via my phone..ahahaha...blame it on PICASA photo web sync!!You may refer to the WishingFavours facebook page as the picture is all there too..will be upload the 500+ photos to the blog asap...Sorry for the inconvenience!!!
Ena Dato' Roshidi
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NEW!!Handmade polka and plain pattern craft paperbag!

Pm me for the price!!!!
Available in blue and pink for polka /dark blue and brown for plaid..

NEW!!Fluffy Tulle Bunga Pahar/Bunga telur ..perfect for Aqiqah and Wedding!

Blue Yaasin and Invitation Cards for baby Azim!!!

Ordered by his lovely mommy...Thanks Intan!

Pink and Ocean Blue Yaasin for baby Latiffa Hanna

Last year her mother ordered Yaasin with white and pink polka for her elder sis and this year is her Big Day!Thanks Aju!!!

Muhammad Aqil Zaquan's 2nd Birthday Party

Special thanks to his mommy Eda Dato' Roshidi

Gold & Black theme for Party Favors and Yaasin ...Ayesha Adzra

Small English Flower Yaasin design for baby Yasmeen

Yaasin brown and blue for baby Harraz

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Baby Pram Bunga Telur

Hey peeps..I've added new material to the bunga telur/ email me for price yea!!

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Aqiqah favors for baby Firas Ilman

Thanks to her mommy,Siti Aisyah...she ordered the invitation cards,goodies bags,personalised mineral,personalised choc bar ,SurahYaasin and Personalised mineral water for the ceremony...but I've only manage to take one pic of choc bar due to my camera run out of batteries..hehehe...more pics were in my Hubby's phone...will updates more pics later...

Personalised Choc Bar & Surah Yaasin for baby Khyra...

Ordered by her mommy,Fazrina..Thanks dear!!

Friday, January 13, 2012

Adam Harris

New Yaasin Envelope...

Introducing ..the new simple envelope for your personalised yaasin...